Career Opportunity


CSE Student Front End Developers
SW Development Student Interns to provide development support 4-10 hours per week to develop the Knobull platform prototype. Students developing the platform prototype will work with a distributed team of 3 interns to meet critical project success factors. Skills include experience with technology for key segments of meta search engine architecture, Web App development and languages used to develop this type of platform including: photo image editor for.png files, JSON, GUI mock up builder, photoshop, web site design. Initial compensation: Cash bonus when seed investment received.

Web Site & Back End Design Intern
CSE Student working 4-10 hours to complete iOS App SE web site and Learning Center back end. Work with other members of distributed team to support the completion and testing of the prototype platform. Skills include experience developing web sites and back end coding using Mean stack, angularJS, nodeJS, expressJS, mongoldb.
Compensation: When Seed Funding obtained: cash bonus based on contribution.

Brand Development 
Students working 4-10 hours per week connect with fellow students at their college to promote use of the Learning Center Blog articles. Build a group of users and collect feedback from them to guide development of the Learning Center. Skills include networking, communications, content evaluation and report development.
Compensation: Same as other posted positions.