Business Focus


The company leadership team comprised of a seasoned Internet services chief executive, corporate technology marketing and systems development executive and financial executive with extensive technology venture start-up expertise, plans to launch a meta search engine (MSE) App platform early 2016.

The development team is in place and near completion of the design process for a  tool that sends iPhone user requests to several other search engines and/or databases and will aggregate the results into a single list. The key market differentiation, supported by extensive market research, will be creation of a platform specifically designed to enhance the "personalized and secure" search and student research experience for youthful iPhone users. 

The foundation is a client-server system that is expandable to the youth market in highly populated US regions (e.g., Boston, NYC, NJ, Chicago, LA, Dallas, San Francisco).There is solid market evidence that the capture of a 1% market niche of the projected $21 billion mobile search ad market in 2017 can lead to a $100-200 million revenue stream and attractive profitability. This platform will operate on the premise that displaying Internet data is too extensive for any one search engine to completely index and more comprehensive results can be obtained by combining the results from several search engines.

 In addition the Learning Center will provide students with the opportunity to ask for research advise and receive answers to questions from fellow students and experts plus read their informative blogs! Mixed into the stream will be unique "native" ads similar to sponsored posts, looking like other articles but sponsored by youth oriented brands to produce a substantial revenue stream. Advertisers will gain substantial traction with the Mobile generation, using Knobull creative content generation techniques.