Company History


A team of CSE students and seasoned Internet venture leaders created the Knobull search engine Web App because your ability to gain access to critical information is important to us. Powered by "Semantic" Metasearch technology that works within the cloud, Knobull efficiently captures enjoyable activities and research results from leading search engines including Google and Yahoo so that students can find the information they want quickly. Knobull connects to them, determines which results are most critical to your search and returns them to you. This technology, using intelligent agents that eliminate the limitations of most existing search engines, insures that you receive results in a continuing flow format that are more complete than any one search engine can provide.

This streamlined search message was so critical that it drove the selection of our name! "No Bull" is dumped on you when you search and system efficiency coupled with targeted searching helps you to "Know More". This is exactly what our technology and Learning Center make happen - better understanding of search techniques to capture top priority results. 

The Knobull search success is under the watchful eyes of a perky bull dog puppy who wants to learn and grow. To strengthen students' research success, the Learning Center lets users share search/research success stories, receive answers to posted questions from fellow students and experts and read useful research tool building articles. Use these combined tools to Knobullit and become a "research specialist".

Knobull delivers quality coursework research, report writing and academic success factors content to the student population that matters on a weekly basis - and makes it go viral. Based in the US, we will reach an engaged audience of more than 1 million students each week, and every time we post something thousands of students are talking about it across Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

We deliver native ad design and delivery to like-minded customers who want to help build research tools for the student population and get their brand and content seen by thousands of passionate research enthusiasts.

Testing of system prototype is scheduled to begin spring 2018

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