Learning Center


The Knobull Team would like to provide each student instant access to the research information they need! We all have sat in a library and realized we did not know where to begin? Many of us have our favorite search engine to get started but experts have recommended that a variety of search tools need to be applied for an in-depth look for something.

Each of us may have a favorite pair of shoes in our closet but would not assume they will meet the needs of all our activities. The Knobull Learning Center is being designed so each student can tailor their search tool kit by asking fellow students what has worked for them and viewing responses on workable solutions. Research experts will also provide valuable input with answers or blogs. With one click you then can access our meta-search engine to use the tools you choose.

Once you have filled your research tool kit, you often can use help finding the best deal for an important Holiday gift, new smart phone, campus event or travel destination. Suddenly, your favorite shoes work in most situations and you can help fellow students share in your success.

You can let others know when you have found a nifty site to perform searches or fits a popular subject. This is what Knobull search technology with Learning Center make happen -- better understanding of search techniques to capture top priority results!